Shyam - Sandalwood Supreme..
Shyam – Sandalwood SupremeShyam – Sandalwood Supreme..Shyam – Sandalwood Supreme…

Shyam – Sandalwood Supreme

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Product Description

This unique rice blend features pure sandalwood which has a royal and sensual aroma that creates a serene, harmonious, and spiritual atmosphere.

Aroma: This scent features pure Sandalwood.

Intention: Burn this incense to create a spiritual and pure atmosphere, to deepen devotion to something higher than oneself, or to facilitate meditation and concentration.

How to use: Light the coated tip of the incense until there is a flame. Blow it out and place the smoking incense stick in an incense holder.

Ingredients: Herbs, flowers and resins are blended together with pure oils and pure sandalwood, combined in accordance to ancient wisdom and rolled onto a bamboo core stick.

Sustainability: Ingredients are harvested, blended and rolled by hand in the traditional Indian method, producing minimal waste. This product’s package is made from 100% recycled paper and shipping materials are made from recycled and reused packaging products.

Manufacturing process: Made from natural ingredients: unique varieties of herbs, flowers, resins, pure oils and pure sandalwood. These are blended together and hand-rolled in a sustainable manner by artisans in India’s cottage country, providing employment to rural villagers. An auditor ensures there is no child labor. A Prabhujis Gifts company representative frequently visits the raw material suppliers to ensure workers are being treated fairly and safeguard there is no child labor.

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