How long does an incense stick burn?
The burning time may vary according to the ingredients of the specific incense. Generally, a stick of incense burns between 20-40 minutes. The burning time will also depend on the environmental conditions where it is being enjoyed, such as wind, moisture, etc. However our incense does gently linger for a good while after burning ceases.

Can I use a wooden incense burner? Is it not dangerous?
Incense burners that are made from hard wood and protected by varnish will not catch fire by coming in touch with the hot ash falling from a stick of incense.

Is there anything such as over using incense or burning too much incense?
As our incense is non toxic and, to the contrary, purifying, there is no general danger in burning it extensively. However, each person has their own preferences and sensitivities, and we recommend customers be attentive to their bodies and follow what they are comfortable with.

Are your products 100% natural?
Many of our products are 100% natural, while some of them are a minimum 98-99% natural, with the 1-2 additional percent’s being non toxic.

Isn’t it dangerous to burn incense?
As long as you take the required precautions, you can burn incense safely and without any concern. As with anything else, awareness and caution is always required. It is highly recommended to read our safety instructions for more information.

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