About Us

Holistic vibes is a UK based company founded in 2014.
We believe that as we create harmony with our environment, we find peace and balance in ourselves.

Our products are natural/ non-toxic/ environmentally friendly/ not tested on animals and vegan. The ingredients come from the finest choices of herbs/ flowers that are hand-picked and dried out in the open air under the sun, and then manually mixed, rolled, and packed. In addition to their exquisite fragrances, many of the natural ingredients in these products have excellent medicinal qualities that enhance them with vitality and power.

Social Consciousness:
The incense is handmade by artisans (who make their living from these traditional crafts) in manufacturing outlets located in the U.S.A and rural regions of India to provide employment to villagers in these areas. The incense manufacturing outlets in India employ illiterate village women who would otherwise be unemployed, providing them with a protective and supportive working environment. In many cases, they also receive help in the form of education for themselves and their children. No child labor is involved in the process, and the rights and welfare of the workers are taken care of in the workplace.

Environmental Consciousness:
The manufacturing process produces minimal to no waste. We integrate recycled paper in our packaging and other printed material, and our packaging materials are recycled.

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Holistic Vibes

Aligning your chakras with scent.